Monday, May 21, 2012

Meat, Glorious Meat!

Meat, Glorious Meat!

We went to visit my partner's family today and they have an excellent butcher's in their town. I made sure we passed by on the way home and picked up a family package for 100. Expensive you may think, not when I tell you what I got for my money, prepare to be jealous....

2kg lamb chunk steak
2kg veal chunk steak
2kg beef chunk steak
4 sirloin steaks
2kg minced beef
2kg chicken wings
2kg chicken drumsticks
2kg merguez (spicy sausages)
2kg turkey & cheese kievs

and last but not least ....

2 whole chickens!

So tonight on the menu honey roasted chicken with a potato gratin and corn on the cob.

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