Sunday, July 19, 2009

BBQ Simple and Delicious and On the Menu all Summer!

Since moving in to my country mansion ;) my housemate and I have already had numerous BBQs, whether for friends and family or simply just the two of us, a good BBQ is always great fun.

However, I was surprised to find just how many people just whack the meat on the BBQ no preparation, no flavour, just dry charcoaled meat!

As you already know by now, I grew up in a great cooking environment, my palette takes offence to these types of cooking methods!

So here is very simple BBQ recipe to add that much needed bit of flavour to the great outdoors grillade.

Chinese Chicken/Turkey Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes

Chinese Chicken/Turkey Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken and turkey are extremely bland meats and they can be very dry if not cooked nor accompagnied properly. They are even worse if just shoved onto a BBQ grill!

So try this quick marinate recipe, it'll make a huge difference to your spread

For a dozen skewers (don't worry if that seems too much they freeze beautifully and so ready for the next BBQ party)


6 chicken/turkey filets/breasts, chopped into cubes
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
4 tblsp hoisin sauce
2 tblsp soya sauce


1.Mix the chicken/turkey cubes well with the hoisin and soya sauce
2.Set aside in the fridge for 20 mins (or overnight if you want to prepare the night before)
3.Once well marinated, alternate meat cubes with cherry tomatoes on the skewers
4.Cook on the BBQ until tender

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