Friday, February 6, 2009

Another thing I noticed on this trip back is how despite the crippling economy and constant threat of mass unemployment, the British were quite chirpy. Some might put this down to the British Stiff Upper Lip or how they are simply appreciating what they’ve still got.

But as an educated foodie, I beg to differ.

This cheerfulness in the face of adversity has a lot to do with their diets. No longer being able to afford the convience foods and 5 nights a week binge drinking has had a huge positive impact on their health and humours.

Family values are coming back into fashion.

In times of trouble people stick together and what better way to do this than around the dinner table savouring a home cooked hot pot, talking to each other instead of watching the telly, candles instead of halogen lights and a log fire crackling in the background instead of heartless central heating.

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Freshly Found said...

Di, I agree with you. I know that hard times are hitting so many people, but I think the silver lining of the dark cloud is getting back to basics and enjoying family and community life!


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