Friday, February 6, 2009

Cooking smells are the best triggers of happy memories.

On the day of my arrival back home my Mum had made a beef casserole. She put it in the oven at 6.30 am and walking into the house around 6pm the smell transported me instantly back to my childhood. I felt cosy and nostalgic.

A couple of days later I took my French guests to the seaside to experience the great British tradition of fish & chips in paper by the sea. Walking into the chip shop a flood of memories came back of carefree days at the beach amongst family and friends.

Even bad food experiences bring a smile to my face. Whenever I see Andouillette on a menu I chuckle at as an 8 year old on a family trip to Paris being wholly repulsed by this Frenchified excuse for a thick pork sausage, much to the amusement of my parents!

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paris parfait said...

So nice to see Di in her lovely kitchen! That casserole sounds delicious.


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