Friday, February 6, 2009

As long as the British recession doesn’t spiral into a depression I hope they continue this concept of going back to basics and they realise that the long term effects of what they consume can be ground breakingly beneficial to the human race.

For example, less fatty fast foods = less obesity and diabetes = less money spent on these particular health services = more money free to spend on cancer and AIDs cures.

Less binge drinking = less drink driving accidents and drink related violence = less horrific deaths and accidents = less strain on the emergency services = more time to do their real job and protect the safety of the citizens.

My friend thoroughly enjoyed her visit, she thought the people were very friendly and the food was fabulous. The luscious countryside, the freshness of the produce, the traditional pubs, Sunday dinners and tastes of India. Cups of tea and fish pie. Cooked breakfasts and afternoon tea. The heartfelt welcomes and sincere goodbyes.

Through the eyes of someone who has never set foot on the British Isles and see them fall in love with my heritage, culture and cuisine.

I am once again, proud to be British.

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paris parfait said...

So nice to see these photos of all of you. Is that the local pub or is it in Corbridge?


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