Monday, December 22, 2008




2 beef Oxo cubes
2 heaped tblsp Bisto gravy granules
½ pint boiling water
½ pint of water made up from the cooked vegetables (NOT potato water, the starch will ruin the gravy)
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
Fat and juices from the meat (ideally red meat for a fuller flavour)


1. Crumble the Oxo cubes into the ½ pint boiling water
2. Add Bisto granules
3. Stir until dissolved (no lumps please!)
4. Place the drip tray from the meat (with the meat fat and juices) on the stove/hob over a low heat
5. Add Oxo & Bisto mix, salt & pepper and vegetable water
6. Stir constantly until thick and smooth, add extra Bisto if the sauce appears too runny

1 comment:

Dymon B. said...

I tried this gravy to jazz up dinner and got rave reviews! Thank you so much!


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