Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Adventures of Charlotte and Her Trailer

Keep Calm and Carry On

Well, this has been a roller coaster ride the last few days. As you know I'm currently in the UK to pick up the catering trailer for the The Pauper's Kitchen market stall enterprise.

All was going well, I picked the trailer up from the seller and drove it nicely up to Northumberland for my Mum to put her fab painting skills into action. I set off Thursday morning and after an hour it became quite clear that the weight of the car and trailer was just too much for the engine and after some serious overheating I had to give up the ghost about 70 miles into the journey.

The lovely people from the Highway Traffic Patrol and a lovely chap named John from the hills of Northumberland got me and the trailer off the motorway and back to Northumberland. Some tyre changing and rusted brake taking off later the trailer is painted and ready to roll.......but the car can't be trusted to get me the 700 miles back to France with the trailer attached!

So all I can do is Keep Calm and Carry back to France, fly back to England to buy a new, and let's be honest a much more reliable, car and tow the trailer back to Paris!!!!!!

I'm being very zen about the whole thing as I think it'll make success all the more sweeter (when it finally comes my way!). At least that's my rational side talking, my irrational side doesn't know whether it wants to punch someone or drink a very large amount of alcohol!

On the upside, I've had a lovely time catching up with the family.

The Family

Tiana has had a ball with all her cousins, aunties, uncles and grand parents spoiling her.

Billy and Tiana

And I know you're dying to see it, so here is the famous trailer, looking rather marvelous after it's make over


Sink & Bench

Blackboard Menus

Stencils of Great British Favourites

Full View Inside

I will post more pics of the whole finished project when the Union Jack bunting and flags are out and we're all logoed up and ready to go!

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