Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ooh la la ... Where do I start?

So here I am two months after setting up my own business and although I've spent most of that time in this state

Juggling & Struggling

I've managed to transform myself into this!

Down to a T

The reason why I decided to become my own boss was to be able to choose my hours, answer only to myself and have more time with and for my family. 

So here's my new routine...

Up at 8am every day.

Swimming 3 mornings a week with little'un and my chap.

Home in time for morning business calls and emails.

Home cooked/prepared lunch.

Tiana down for a two hour nap by 1pm.

Yoga on the Wii Fit board once she's down and a half an hour nap for me (got to get the beauty sleep in somewhere!). 

I've started wearing make up again, taking care of my appearance and completely cut out diet coke! 

And I tell you what ladies & gentlemen...

I'm feeling Absolutely Fabulous! 

Absolutely Fabulous

My house has never been so clean, I've never been this on top of my laundry and apart from a few toddler tantrums my baby angel seems to be the happiest child alive.

Don't get me wrong, starting up your own business, leaving the comfort of a secure monthly salary and health care is scary business.

Financially ... well if I start to think about that too much I can literally feel my hair turing grey! 

But I've got great role models, living proof that with a lot of hard work and belief in yourself you can get there.

My Brother - Garry

Garry, Sonny & Marcie


My Sister - Sara



My Sister - Rebecca



My Mam & Dad - Di Overton & Harvey Roll

Mam & Dad

And here I am ... the last of the litter!




Exciting times!


Di Overton said...

What a lovely post. So proud of you xx

Sara Phillips said...

What a fabulous post, so proud of you honey and so so glad you are happy, that and health are the most important thing.

Big hip hip horray on ditching the evil of coke.

Lots of love your big sis! xxxx


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