Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cream Crackered

Cream Crackered

After two gruelling days of putting posters up everywhere to advertise our new market adventure, I'm just too tired to cook. So my fantastic friend Natacha came to my rescue and cooked us one of her famous pies. Tonight's was a tomato and mozzerella delice.
Tomato & Mozzerella Pie

I've featured her recipe before, Easy as Pie. Have a go, it's fool proof and wonderfully delicious.

Happy scoffing!


Sara Phillips said...

Yum yum,, I will never forget when Natacha cooked for us mmmmm xxx

Charlotte Roll said...

I know, I only have friends who can cook!! xxx

natacha said...

thank you my best friend , i very happy if you like my pies , i can do another when you want
I hope you understand my english lol
kisses xxx

Anonymous said...

I've looked at the recipe. Looks good, but what do you do with the onion??

Charlotte Roll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlotte Roll said...

Oops thanks for pointing that out. Add it raw at the same time as the lardons, cheese etc!

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks, will try.


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