Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isn't That Clever?

It's that time again to take my hat off to some fantabulous inventions in the culinary world. Last night I watched Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape to India. It was a fantastic programme and it was great to see Ramsay's passion for food really coming out, instead of him just screaming f**k at everyone.

Gordon Ramsay in India

Gordon stuffing a goat with a chicken stuffed with a quail stuffed with an egg!

Gordon Ramsay in India

Cooking up a storm with the natives in the Mumbai food market

Gordon Ramsay in India

The Chilli Woman. 

She ate 39 of the hottest chillis in the world in one go then went on to rub 30 into her eyes! Utter nutter, but had to admit she had some balls!

But as all great food programmes tend to do to me, is make me crave whatever they're cooking. But living in France, unlike Britain, there isn't a curry house on every corner. So as I did the weekly shop this afternoon, I fell across Knorr's Roasters Bag.

Knorr Chicken in a Bag

Bascially you stick your chicken, whole, breasts or drumsticks in the bag, shake it up with the seasoning provided and bung it in the oven. I was sceptical about the bag burning when I first saw the advert but I did it once with chicken drumsticks and the chicken was so tender and juicy I fell in love with this handy little bag.

Knorr Chicken in a Bag

And guess what I found, yeah you guessed right an Indian Chicken one! Surely it was fate. So I snatched it greadily off the shelf and rushed the rest of the shop to get home and get that baby in the oven. I was not disappointed. The most succulent chicken I've had in a long time and the Indian spice mix just made it all that more heavenly.

Here's the result ...

Indian Chicken

Accompanied with a beautiful fresh salad, new potatoes and a bottle of Chianti

All went down very nicely, so hats off to Knorr and thank you for a wonderful supper.

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