Friday, February 6, 2009

With the credit crunch, Britain has been one of the worst places hit but I think it has had a more positive effect on the country than negative. People are going back to basics and for the first time since emigrating to France, I didn’t find myself yearning to get back.

Britain is no longer the materialistic, commercial hungry country it has been for the last two decades. It can no longer afford to be. I found this extremely evident in their now outlook on food.

People are no longer spending their money on going to restaurants or ordering in every night. The purse strings have been tightened so people are rediscovering cooking and thankfully are suddenly aware of all the crap they’ve been eating.

The TV is non stop programmes about organic farming and going local such as using your local butcher who sources from local farmers.

A sense of community is coming back to the British.

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paris parfait said...

And that's a much-welcomed - and needed - change!


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