Friday, February 6, 2009

Heart of the Home is the British Pauper’s Kitchen

I’ve been on a much needed holiday, nothing fancy like a sun-coated beach in the Bahamas, but a nice trip back to my hometown in England. This time though I took a French friend and her little 1 year old boy with me so they could experience real English life.

I have spent the last two weeks relaxing and eating. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper everyday! I am now only wearing tracksuit bottoms as they are the only things that fit! But aside for the expanded waistline, this trip was special to me in many ways.


paris parfait said...

Glad you had a great trip. I know your mom was pleased to have you spend so much time at home and see the cottage addition.

Sandra Evertson said...

Thank you for the wonderful Truffle recipes below!
Sandra Evertson


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