Monday, January 12, 2009

Texture Crises

I’m sure this doesn’t exist only in my family. But I’d just like to check. Do any of you ever, just by looking at a certain item of food, have a physical throat closing reaction? Let me explain. In my family we often have what we’ve come to call texture crises. For example, the skin that forms on hot custard. Every Sunday we would wait for my Mum to spoon it off and eat it before serving ourselves. My Mum has always assured us that it is delicious but the physical appearance sparks off a physiological shut down of the throat, and so the said substance cannot be swallowed, however much you want to try it.

Oysters and yoghurts & fruit juices with bits in have this effect on me. Sorry to be crude, but if I see these things I think that it's going to be like swallowing snots and so the automatic shutdown comes into place and the gag reflex kicks in!

Those of you who know what I’m talking about will be smiling and nodding in agreement, those of you have no idea what the above gibberish is about, I envy you!


moonshark said...

Haha! we call it being texturally sensitive:) Great blog...

The Clever Pup said...

With me it's the texture of mushrooms. They can be all buttery and delicious-smelling but when I bite through one...shudder!

With my son it's onions so that really hampers what I feed him.

I can totally agree with the skin that forms on puddings or cocoa. My dad loved it tho'.

stencil helen said...

I love custard skin, on rice pudding it's the best bit. I can take the chewy bits in orange juice too, but meat fat. YUK I remember trying to hide fatty meat under my tongue, under my arm, under anywhere until I could escape the table and flush it down the toilet. My brother was the same with onions.


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