Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let Food be the Music

You may be wondering, contrary to other recipe sites and books, why my photos aren't necessarily the finished products.

The answer is simple, I am not a professional photographer and nor are these dishes intended to be served in the Ritz's grand dining hall! My recipes are home cooking at it's best; tasty and rustic.

How many times have you followed a recipe ounce by ounce, but the end product looks nothing like the picture in the book? Everyone is declaring their joy but you have that niggling feeling of inadequacy and anger that it just didn't turn out like it should have.

Posh Nosh has changed our perspective on food, the dish must be presented as a work of art for it to taste heavenly. Following that logic, the blind don't enjoy food. Ridiculous, I hear you cry. I’ve therefore proved my point!

Let food be the music, close your eyes and enjoy.

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