Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Red Toffee

My Dad used to make toffee all the time when I was little, not great for the teeth but life would be very boring without little pleasures like these. It's quite simple but requires concentration because the sugar can very quickly burn and you have to start all over again, believe me I'm talking from experience!

Red Toffee


800g / sugar
240ml / 1/2 pint water
80ml / 3 fl oz sugar syrup
2 tsp red food coloring (optional)


1. In a large saucepan add the sugar, water, sugar syrup and colouring.
2. Stir over a low heat, without boiling until sugar is dissolved.
3. Boil uncovered without stirring about 20 minutes or until mixture reaches a crack stage.
4. Remove from the heat and allow the bubbles to subside.
5. Drop a teaspoon of the syrup into cold water, it should set hard and be hard to crack with fingers.
6. Stand the pan in a baking dish of warm water for about a minute.
7. Remove the pan from the water and pour the toffee into your desired container e.g. cupcake cases or greased cake/jelly moulds.

If you would like to make toffee apples, instead off pouring into a container

1. Tilt the pan and dip and turn an apple slowly in the still liquid toffee until the apple is completely coated.
2. Twirl the apple around a few times and place onto a greased tray.
3. Leave to set.

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