Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1001 Things to do with mince(d) beef

I don't know about you but I am a huge carnivore. I don't feel like I've really had a meal unless meat is involved. Unfortunately on a pauper's budget this can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Or can it?

I must say I've given up on chicken. It's not a very interesting meat to start with but the supermarkets have decided to make it a delicacy and are selling it at the same price of duck! Maybe this is just in France, but in any case I refuse to pay 13€ for 6 chicken filets!

My boyfriend doesn't eat pork so even though it is the cheapest and in my opinion best meat out there (mmmmmmmmmm, bacon sandwiches!) for our meals together I am obliged to over look this delicious option for dinner.

So I've set myself a goal, find the most possible recipes for mince(d) beef. I've been experimenting and have been pleasantly surprised by this seemingly boring option. Extra bonus I can buy a kilo of very good quality mince for 2,99€ in my local supermarket.

So here are a couple of my 1001 things to do with mince(d) beef to wet your appetite.


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