Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered?

Why things are called what they are?

Flicking through the Good Housekeeping’s Cookery Encyclopedia I had a number of ‘Ah yes, that makes sense’ moments. Such as chips are chipped potatoes as crisps are crispy potatoes. As well as realising that we no longer say Hen’s eggs, they are now more commonly known as chicken’s eggs.

I studied English Language and the origins of words but it never occurred to me to extend that into the cookery world.

I shall make this my new hobby and report back with my interesting findings.

In the meantime give me a few of yours.


Minka said...

It's not from the kitchen, but still, the RIGHT hand, I guess, used to be the only RIGHT (correct) choice for eating or writing. The other hand is the one that's LEFT.

Jan said...

I've found lots of variations when it comes to types of bread (in the UK)
i.e. a bap can be a bread roll or a breadcake or a teacake (for some that means with currants in it) and I'm sure there are lots more depending on location.


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